Appliance for Internet Secure Access


When users need to access to the Internet in certain sensitive environments, many doubts arise related to the appropriated security policies to include, and how to protect our network from possible attacks like Crypto Locker.

[t] taisa understands the needs of these Internet users, and offers a solution based on an secure appliance that
meets stringent policies of security for the most demanding environments.

The secure appliance is ideal for customers seeking internet access solutions in a secure way. It is based on the latest technology on the market, which will give us the best performance without compromising the most important thing, to comply with the security policies.

Why an integrated appliance?
A pre-configured appliance facilitates the integration in any company in the shortest possible time, and with the maximum security protocols.


  • Scalable and flexible architecture: An scalable and flexible architecture that allows the appliance to be implemented as a server in one box, and grow easily by simply adding another node.
  • Maximum protection: built following the CCN-STIC guides and all necessary security protocols to guarantee safe internet access.
  • Ease of deployment: the only thing the customer has to do to start using the appliance is to include it into the IT infrastructure, between the firewall and the proxy, and connect it.
  • Service recovery: given a failure of any of the components of the solution, the appliance offers the possibility of restoration due to a scheduled backup.
  • User experience: the implemented solution provides the user with the same experience given by a physical desktop, but with the complete safety that supposes to be in an environment outside of the critical infrastructure of the organization.
  • Single point of management: as it is a centralized solution, it will reduce the number of incidents related to the virtual desktops. This is achieved thanks to the unification of management in a single centralized infrastructure based on the identity of the user and the device from which you connect .


  • Scalable and flexible architecture
  • Maximum protection
  • Ease of deployment
  • Service recovery
  • User experience
  • Single point of management