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 [ts] tsyvalue recently created a U.S. subsidiary to extend its collaboration capabilities with Spanish companies present in the country. We believe that our commitment with expanding quality and professionalism, also out of Spain, can be a way of adding value to allow us to deepen our overall business relationships.

This starting point will allows us to continue to support our customers in their journey through Latin America, natural market of major Spanish companies.


The strategy is to provide spanish multinational companies in Latin America the same service levels that Taisa currently provides them in Spain.

If these companies are looking to centralize certain decisions and execute them globally,  [ti] tsyvalue international can help them to maintain and deploy technology implementation plans across geographic distance, while keeping local control. We believe that in the U.S. market there is a place for a company like [ti] tsyvalue international, focused on quality of service, flexibility and trust with their partners.

The core values of [ti] tsyvalue international are the quality of our professional services, the level of commitment we have with our partners and our customers, and the flexibility way to face the projects


USA is a very competitive very mature market, where previous experiences are very much valued. After several years of presence in USA, [ti] tsyvalue international now has a number of very significant experiences, delivering  professional services in the most critical environments of large Spanish corporations with a presence in America

Some of these projects are described below.

Full platform technological refreshment for SAP systems of a multinational company that manages the business of all Latin America area. HP Itanium critical systems with HP-UX, High Availability environments with very demanding service levels, responsibilities country-level distributed and multi-country team work.

Consolidations and renovations of corporate platforms through virtualization techniques, using either  VMware, HP-UX Integrity Virtual Machine and Citrix (XenApp and Xen Desktop).

Design, implementation and management of complex storage environments around HP platforms. Primary storage environments including, Data Protection, Archiving and Backup.

[ts] tsyvalue is partner of Citrix for more than 13 years now, and in the USA has participated in the design of the customer solution based on  XenApp and XenDesktop, delivering projects for Call Center service geographically dispersed, in an environment of high automated geographic availability using NetScaler.


The geographical coverage within USA is quite wide, having delivered projects in much of the territory (FL, VA, TX, MA, GE, NY, PA …), and also, being most of them international projects, there are frequent interactions with Brazil, Venezuela and Central America (mostly).

It’s highly remarkable the special relationship of partnership that [ti] tsyvalue international has with Telefónica at the distribution level, professional services and collaboration with joint customers.


Taisa International Corp.

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Phone: (786) 973-0800

E-mail: international@tsyvalue.com

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