Workplace & mobility

The workplace can be anywhere and an important driver of productivity is to provide an excellent user experience to their customers, employees and partners.

To be competitive, the modern company needs to support access from anywhere, uninterrupted communications and applications with high performance. Of course, all without compromising the security of data and corporate assets.


Among the most demanded objectives in this area include:

  • Access from everywhere
  • Access from all devices
  • Secure access
  • Automated deployments and updates
  • Centralized Management
  • User Support more effective, simple and cheap.
  • Enable Telecommuting and space savings
  • VDI in a box
  • DaaS Desktop as a Cloud Service


 1- Assets Management savings

 2- Systems Administration savings

 3- Resources optimization

 4- Improve Business Continuity solution


For desktops and applications virtualization, [ts] tsyvalue builds its projects with Citrix and VMware Horizon solutions, generating benefits as safe and always available access from anywhere, through any device.

Given the emerging trend of the completely wireless workplace,  [t] taisa as distribution partner for Aruba Networks, (now owned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise) provides the advantage of their specialized knowledge of:

  1. ClearPass, a management platform unified as first access point integrated fixed and wireless;
  2. AirWave , a console only from which you can manage the entire network from one campus.
  3. Unified operating system – ArubaOS-Switch – representing the fusion of the above Aruba OS and HP ProvisionOS
  4. ClearPath Policy Manager 6.6 , which lets you create security policies with an eye in the context of BYOD and an opening towards the Internet of Things
  5. Clarity , one monitoring module for AirWave 8.2

Mobile Devices Management solutions are built also with  Xen Mobile and Karpesky.



In [ts] tsyvalue, several processes are performed to provide Workplace Transformation projects and/or managed services such as: user profiling , assets management plans, and system platform strategic plans, all handed by highly specialized personnel using automation and industrialization tools.