Network & security

Protect” is essential and all companies must manage the emerging risks created by the proliferation of apps, new patterns of consumption and switching to mobile technology and cloud.

Every day many more employees prefer to use their own Smartphone devices , tablets , etc. whose connection to networks and corporate systems is challenging management and security.

With [ts] taisa syvalue , customers can access all the benefits of a hybrid infrastructure, focusing on applications while proactively their networks, business data and interactions made from any location or device protected.



[ts] taisa syvalue designs, builds, manages and maintains the best Network and Security solutions with components that, not only leads the market in their respective areas of technology, but they are better integrated and interact together: HPE Aruba and CheckPoint.

 [ts] taisa syvalue Network and Security solutions are now also marketed under “… as a service” model.


Four factors differentiate the new Aruba Networks offer, now owned by HPE:

  • The emergence of the completely wireless workstation,     
  • Aircraft on board Communications ,     
  • The need to deepen the security,     
  • And the proliferation of location-based services, which ultimately will converge on IoT (Internet of Things).

Aruba understands the transformation of the workplace as a journey from an environment dominated by traditional “desktop”, to another based primarily on mobile connectivity. Aruba offers a unified set of software and hardware designed to solve the hassles of modern wireless networks, with an emphasis on security, the proliferation of mobile devices and simpler management.


[ts] taisa syvalue  es Partner Gold de HPE Networking Aruba.


The best solutions for connectivity, access control, geolocation indoors, social marketing, are based on products such as:

  • ClearPass, a unified management platform for the fixed and wireless integrated access point;     
  • AirWave, a unique console from which you can manage the entire campus network, and
  • Clarity, a monitoring module for AirWave     
  • ArubaOS-Switch, a unified operating system that represents the merger of the previous Aruba OS and HP ProvisionOS.
  • ClearPass Policy Manager, which allows you to create security policies with a view to BYOD contexts and an opening to the Internet of Things


The leader of security and its management in the most critical and complex environments:     
  • More than 20 years of experience,     
  • More than 100,000 customers,     
  • Global presence with 88 offices
CheckPoint is the world’s largest manufacturer dedicated exclusively to security. It has 3,000 experts in:     
  • Intelligent threat analysis     
  • Preventive Threat Research     
  • Security on mobile devices     
  • Security architectures     
  • Cybersecurity Research     
  • Reverse engineering     
  • Incident Response Teams (CIRTs)